Information for flex staff

Information for flex staff

The terms of employment for flex staff (on-call staff)  are the same as of other employees. For practical purposes, some terms are slightly different, such as the terms for assessment, sickness and disability, taking leave and the Cao a la carte. This is indicated on the respective pages in a green frame.

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If you are employed as on-call staff for a single department , you discuss with your supervisor which hours you are available.  If you are a nurse and work on several departments,  you can show your availability via the roster program Monaco, by entering the shifts and days on which you can work.

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The hours that you have worked can be registered in two ways. The grid maker can register them in the roster program Monaco  or you can register your hours in the staff portal “My UMC’.  You will find the instructions on Connect, our intranet.

Staff portal

Submit the worked hours before the 5th work day of the following month. Then you will receive your salary in the month following the month of the worked hours.


The worked hours are paid in the month that follows. Apply for a Monaco PIP account at the Werkwinkel or, in case you work for a single department,  with your supervisor. This way, you can check if your worked hours are registered correctly.

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