Terms of employment

Cao umc

The UMC Utrecht employs its staff in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for University Medical Centres (Cao umc). Strictly, that makes you a civil servant. The salary scales are in the Cao appendices A up to and including G. The Cao content can be downloaded from the site of the NFU (Dutch federation of university medical centres).

Training and development

We expect from every employee that he continues to develop, not only in his field but also personally. You are not on your own in this; the UMC Utrecht will help you wherever it can:

  • The UMC Utrecht Academy provides courses and further education
  • The LEV portal for career development and vitality provides online courses, training and tests and an e-coach where you can ask questions about your sustainable employability.
  • The internal coach pool provides coaching
  • The Connecting Leaders program connects and directs all our executives
  • In consultation with your supervisor you can also attend courses outside the UMC Utrecht

Commuting allowances

The allowance for commuting is € 0.05 per kilometer, with a maximum of 90 kilometers (to and from) per day.

The Cao à la carte arrangement can allow for a higher imbursement of commuting travel expenses through gross-net exchange. This will lead to 0,11 to 0,13 euro per kilometer, depending on your income tax rate.

For information on the U-OV regio gemak subscription for taking trains and busses in the Utrecht region at advantageous fees, go to page.

CAO à la carte

The UMC Utrecht has a number of arrangements, whereby the employee can choose extra employment terms in exchange for gross salary. There are Cao à la carte arrangements for commuting, purchase of a bicycle, and reimbursements for internet subscriptions and memberships. An overview can be downloaded below. Do you have questions about the arrangement? Please contact the HRM Service Centre. 

ABP pension

  • Employees of the UMC Utrecht have their pension with the civil servants pension fund ABP. All information on the pension arrangement can be found on the internet site of ABP.
  •  You can accrue pension over a maximum amount of 105.075 euro annually. If you earn above that amount, you can complement the accrual voluntarily with ABP or any other insurance company. Ask your HRM advisor for more information.
  • New employees are registered at the ABP by the UMC Utrecht. In case you have a partner you are not married to, you have to register your partner at the ABP via the registration form for partners.

Transfer of pension benefits

Employees of the UMC Utrecht accrue pension benefits at ABP.  When changing jobs, employees can transfer their pension benefits to a different pension fund, called pension benefits transfer. You can effectuate transfer of pension benefits by logging in with your digid at

Hours per week and leave

The UMC Utrecht work time per week is 36 hours. This means that a fulltime employee works 1872 hours per year. Academic medical specialists, basisartsen en arts-assistenten work 2392 hours per year. How your hours are scheduled in the work week is, is a matter that is discussed between you and your supervisor.

According to the Cao umc, employees are entitled to 9% paid leave. Do you work part time? In the table below, it is shown how many hours belong to an appointment and how many hours of paid leave per year correspond to the hours of the appointment. This is exclusive of holidays. The number of holidays are between 5 and 9 per year, depending on whether or not they coincide with weekend days.

If you work as a flexworker on a zero hours employment, then you will not be entitled to roster free days. Instead, you will be receiving a 13.21%  leave and holidays allowance each month on top of your gross salary.