Manual new employees

Manual new employees

Did you receive an email from HRM Services, requesting to send some documents and fill out a form? This page will explain what exactly is expected of you.

HRM Services uitklapper, klik om te openen

HRM Services processes the administrative settlement of your appointment. You will be asked by HRM Services to mail information and documents electronically. In some cases, you will be asked to also come to HRM Services, for instance to show your passport.

In the case of email contact with HRM Services about your appointment, we request that you reply to the emails of HRM Services without altering the subject heading. It enhances an easy retrieval of your file.


 Contact data HRM Service Centre

Mailing addressUMC Utrecht
P&O Diensten
Internal mail number D 01.213
P.O. Box 85090
3508 AB Utrecht
Visiting addressH01.229
Heidelberglaan 100
3584 CX Utrecht
E-mailGeneral e-mail address: podiensten@umcutrecht.nl
Opening hoursDesk is open form 8.00 a.m. to 17.00 p.m. Monday to Friday. The desk is closed on public holidays.


Work conditions meeting uitklapper, klik om te openen

During the work conditions meeting, the conditions under which you will be working at the UMC Utrecht will be discussed. The subjects will be: kind of contract, salary, part time percentage (0-1 fte), secondary working conditions. The meeting will be held with a HRM advisor and possibly your new supervisor. If you are unable to attend on the agreed date and time, we request that you contact HRM Services.

Documents to be delivered uitklapper, klik om te openen

You are requested to deliver a number of documents by email. Not everyone has to deliver the same documents. Beneath, we give a description of the documents, that may be asked of you.

- Application for a Certificate of Conduct (VOG)

HRM Services will provide you with a form Verklaring Omtrent het Gedrag (VOG), by which you can apply for a Certificate of Conduct at your municipality. The costs can be invoiced to the UMC Utrecht via het staff portal, as soon as you have been appointed.

The municipality will issue you a receipt, stating your payment for the VOG application. We ask you to scan the receipt and send it to us.

In some cases, the Certificate of Conduct (VOG) can be digitally applied for at dienst JUSTIS, by using your electronic signature (DigiD). In such cases, we ask you to email a proof of application, e.g. a print screen of the application.

As soon as you have received the Certificate of Conduct (VOG), we ask to send the original certificate to the HRM Service Centre.

HRM Services will check that the document is an original. It will not be sufficient to send a scan or copy.

The original Certificate of Conduct (VOG) must have been checked by HRM Services, at the latest two months following your appointment. If the check cannot be performed, it entails the dissolution of your appointment.

If you are an international employee coming in from abroad, none of the above will apply to you. You are asked to hand in a certificate of good conduct, or a similar document from the country where you have been living previous to your employment with the UMC Utrecht.

- Registration Medical Specialist (RGS)

Medical specialists in training and medical specialists must send in proof of their registration at RGS, the official body for registration. You can email a scan to podiensten@umcutrecht.nl.


- Relevant diplomas

Relevant diplomas are those diplomas, required for executing your function. These diplomas are mentioned in the vacancy that you have applied for.

Originals are not necessary, copies or scans are sufficient. If you will be working in patient care, the UMC Utrecht will check your qualifications by means of verification. With qualifications is meant: diploma, PhD, registration in a (medical specialists') register or BIG register etc.

There are two procedures leading to verification:

Procedure 1, if you have a Dutch diploa:

Procedure 2

  • UMC Utrecht will contact your educational institute or authority to ask if the diploma has been issued by them.Educational institutes or authorities are not allowed to provide information about diplomas and other earned qualifications to third parties without your permission statement.
  • Send us this statement fully completed and signed via a digital scan/photo ath the e-mail address podiensten@umcutrecht.nl.

- Proof of registration of current education

Are you following an academic study, but have not yet completed it and acquired a diploma? If the study is required for your function at the UMC Utrecht, you should e-mail a proof of registration of your current education to podiensten@umcutrecht.nl. Medical students of Utrecht University may be required to send us an overview of the study information system Osiris. This may be this case for student assistants or other functions where this is relevant.

- Necessary documents for the UMC Utrecht to apply for your residence permit

If your nationality belongs to a country that is not a member of the EU, you most likely will need a residence permit, which must be applied for (or extended). The UMC Utrecht cooperates with International Service Desk for this procedure. International Service Desk will contact you with a separate e-mail.

- Necessary documents for the UMC Utrecht to apply for your work permit

If your nationality belongs to a country that is not a member of the EU, you most likely will need a work permit, which must be applied for (or extended). The UMC Utrecht cooperates with International Service Desk for thies procedure. The work permit application procedure at the UWV can take 2 to 3 months.

- Proof of admission to doctoral programme

All PhD students of the University Utrecht and the UMC Utrecht must complete the form ‘Hora est - Request for exemption and admission to the promotion” (form 1). The form must be undersigned by the student’s promotor and dean and submitted. For further information, refer to site of the UU.

Subsequently, the PhD student will receive an email by the UU, stating that he or she is admitted to the promotion. He or she should send in a copy of this email to the HRM Service Centre.

- Registration form new employee

Every new employee will receive an email with the subject heading from HRM Services. This email contains an annex, the Registration form new employee. We will record the data in the form in our staff administration.

We will record the data from the form in our staff administration. We ask you to fill in the form as completely as possible and return it to podiensten@umcutrecht.nl.

By sending the completed form, you declare to comply with the confidentiality code of the UMC Utrecht.

- ID document check (not driver’s license) at the HRM Service Centre Desk

The UMC Utrecht is obliged to verify your identity on the basis of a valid identity card. Only a valid passport or a valid ID card are adequate. You should report yourself with this document at HRM Services desk, at least one work day prior to your first work day:

Facilities Service Centre
Heidelberglaan 100
3584 CX Utrecht

The desk is open from 8.00 to 17.00 hrs., Monday to Friday. The employee of the Facilities Service Centre will check your passport or ID card with an ID scanner.

- Updated Curriculum vitae

Your Curriculum vitae should at least comprise your address details, all your education and relevant past functions.

- Training programme of the Registration Committee Medical Specialists (RGS)

Physicians, in training to become Specialists (AIOS), should provide a scan of the training programme, that they have submitted to the Registration Committee Medical Specialists (RGS).

- ID photo

Your ID photo is used for your UMC Utrecht pass. There are legal requirements for official ID photos and your ID photo must meet these requirements. Regarding this matter, visit the government page Rijksoverheid.

Central Introduction Programme UMC Utrecht uitklapper, klik om te openen

Our hospital is all about people: patients, students and colleagues. We wish to offer the best care in a safe and high quality environment to our patients. Every employee makes his/her own contribution to this goal. The UMC Utrecht is of the opinion that all employees should be uniformly informed and instructed about working at the UMC Utrecht. That is why all new employees follow a compulsory central introduction programme and a training programme with their own department.

For our English speaking new employees we have created an E-learning ‘Quality and Safety’ as a central introduction and there is a subsequent decentralized training programme with the department or division. The E-learning and the decentralized training programme constitute a unity.

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